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Filet mignon | Стейк филе миньон | Dad in the kitchen

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How about a tender juicy filet mignon for dinner tonight? Tenderloin steak, or filet mignon, is the most tender meat imaginable. See how to cook a juicy steak with just the right degree of doneness to keep the meat soft and tender and covered in bacon crust. It's easier than you think! Cook with "Daddy in the Kitchen"!
Today we will cook fillet mignon steak from pork tenderloin, but you can use any steak, such as ribeye steak, striploin steak, tomahawk steak, tibon steak and many others. The main thing is that the meat you use is beef, pork or lamb, some even cook steaks from chicken or red fish. Today we will figure out how to fry meat in a pan, what side dish can be prepared for meat!
By the way, steaks in this way can be cooked not only in a pan, but also on the grill.
Try it and let me know what you think!
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